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In a word, Dr. Koch’s treatment philosophy is to achieve “Natural” results. For facial rejuvenation procedures such as Facelift and Eyelift (Blepharoplasty), his goal is to make you look younger but still “You”. So not looking like a different person or having an “operated upon” appearance. Many times during consultation he can give you an idea of how many years he may be able to remove from your appearance as the final results are also dependent upon the quality of your skin, for example.  

He strives to obtain natural results and a “non-operated look” while minimizing possible side effects and the tell-tale signs of plastic surgery. Dr. Koch does appreciate that you are making a significant investment in time and expense in having a procedure, so wants to get the best possible results with the least risk and recovery. 

There are many choices that a patient has when choosing a facial cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Koch encourages you to “trust your face to a specialist”, but also look at their training and experience for the specific procedure that you are considering.  For example, there are many Facial Plastic Surgeons to consider, but some may have attended an observational fellowship where only the mentor is actually performing the procedures. Or, they may have attended a one-procedure type of fellowship where the mentor is just performing nose jobs, for example.  They may be excellent in many ways, but this is probably not someone that you want performing your facelift. 

This philosophy is based upon his own training experience over 25 years ago when he performed his Fellowship in Advanced Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at the prestigious Stanford University School of Medicine.  He then became a full-time faculty member and Professor, and became Director of that same Fellowship. He was then in charge of teaching Facial Plastic Surgery to young Stanford surgeons-in-training.  Following this, Dr. Koch was Chief Medical Officer of the largest Facial Cosmetic Surgery practice in the United States.  While maintaining his own practice, over a four-year period he trained and supervised approximately 140 established Plastic and Facial Plastic Surgeons around the country.  He then had his own considerable private practice experience at a busy San Francisco Bay Area plastic surgery practice where he performed all of the facial cosmetic procedures. 


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